Temporary Public Structures – radionica za studente

Temporary Public Structures – radionica za studente

Radionica za studente 'Temporary Public Structures' s prof. Sašom Begovićem

Termin: 29. lipnja do 06. srpnja

Lokacija: Lazaropole, Makedonija

Gosti predavači: Robert Jonathan Loher, Toma Plejić & Lea Pelivan / Studio UP, Mia Roth i Tonči Čerina, Nikola Radeljković

Prijave: CV i portfolio / max. 5 projekata, A4 format /

25. lipnja 2024.

In his seminal book from 1913, Adolf Loos write a chapter about How to Build in the Mountains *. This wise and interesting observation could be applied nowadays too;
“...Do not build in a picturesque manner. Leave such effects to the walls, the mountains and the sun... Pay attention to the forms in which the locals build. For they are the fruits of wisdom gleaned from the past. But look for the origin of the form. If technological advances made it possible to improve on the form, then always use this improvement... Changes in the old building techniques are only allowed when they mean an improvement on them otherwise remain with the old....”

This year's summer school in the beautiful mountain village of Lazaropole will focus on the physical, material and structural aspects of architecture. But architecture is also intellectually informed and produces thoughts and ideas that can be discussed. This Verbal aspect through texts, essays, conversations, will also be practiced on a daily basis.
First we will walk, talk and observe the spaces and nature of the Village. Like Baudelaire’s Flâneurs * we will try to discover locations, open and public spots, for a new interventions. Through analyses of the needs we will propose suitable public program. Adding a new contemporary program and structure, we should also establish relation to the neighboring urban/ rural environment.

Further development of the new structure will take account temporary character of the new. All materials are at disposal, either local, wood, stone, planks, ready-made, tent, fabric, plastic, inflatable, even second hand reuse. We should tell a story, about small changes, transformations, and learn from local knowledge, building and natural environment.

The composition of the public structures, spaces, places / object / follies, should be unambiguous: minimal and geometrical positions have to offer a modest and local answer for the neighborhoods. The projects should featured simple and affordable architectural ideas, one should think about materials before designing a structure. The workshop will be structured by days, each evening is used to present the day's work, share individual results and listen to the Guest Lecturers; architects, designers, artist.

The final product of the workshop will be the public presentation along with model 1/10, 1/20 and the discussion of all participants.