Urbanscape Emanation of Heritage Layers in the Urbanarchipelago

Urbanscape Emanation of Heritage Layers in the Urbanarchipelago

The aim of this research is to contribute to the understanding of how heritage sites are conceptualized and adjusted to the transformations in contemporary urban situations. The idea is to point out connected values which could be a base for integral planning and future networking in a more balanced system. To achieve this, numerous studies of heritage were gathered around the city of Split in Croatian Adriatic region of Dalmatia, including three UNESCO protected sites in order to map heritage relations in macro scale through the method of urbanscape emanation.

Urbanscape Emanation exposes space impressions, modification of insights and examines the addition of time and structure within space. The associative features of urban heritage and landscape emphasizes a subjective experience that is an approach which should be treated as equivalent to an objective approach based on observation and analysis; in raising awareness of the values of both everyday and exceptional landscapes through personal and collective memory, and finally, in raising awareness and responsibility within human communities about the landscapes and heritage they are surrounded with.

Heritage Urbanscape, the same as culture, is a process and is expressed in multitudinous forms. We can perceive it by focusing on the tension between the temporary and the permanent, between the planned and the experiential. Urbanscape as a ’lifescape’, not a scene to view or measure but a world to live in with all its meanings and both visible and invisible components. The inhabitants, and even the visitors, are a part of the landscape and the ongoing process of intertwining between the various elements, between past and future.

To conclude, the lifescape incorporates heritage urbanscape and historic-iconic landscape, that is enjoyed and perceived as a heritagescape, which implies integral planning meaning beyond boundaries.