He was born in 1980 in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After graduating from Gymnasium "Fra Dominik Mandić" in Mostar in 1999 he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. He graduated in 2006, and enrolled in the PhD program "Architecture and Urbanism" in 2009.
He gained professional work experience working in the offices of: "Villa International", Budapest, 2005; "Odak i Silađin d.o.o.", Zagreb, 2006-2008; "Gordana Šiško", Zagreb 2008-2009. As member of different teams he participated in fifteen architectural competitions.
From 2009 he has been employed at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, as teaching assistant on the collegium "Load-bearing Structures". He has published articles in scientific journals and participated in national and international scientific and professional conferences.