Section of public buildings

Section of Public Buildings offers a specific body of knowledge and skills related to the urban architecture that serves important institutional and social purposes, as well as the design of workspace and production space, with insights into the high-level integration processes in the architectural practice now and in the future, at the beginning of the third millennium. The section focuses on the social, economic, cultural, scientific, and technological factors and their impact on the organization and design of space in public institutions of all profiles, as well as workspaces in administrative buildings, commercial complexes, department stores, shopping malls, mixed-purpose centres, and production facilities. An analysis of space, public needs, workplace, and workspace in specific working processes is followed by an architectural definition of the given task and the development of skills needed for harmonizing visual and aesthetical components in designing complex human environments. The students are familiarized with the physical, globally desirable principles related to culture, urban planning, legal regulations, and sustainability of the living environment. The development of architectural programmes that the Section of Public Buildings focuses on partly depends on the specificities of the present-day cultural phenomena, as well as the relationship between the local and global aspects with regard to the supremacy of the digital age. The result is an architecture of workspace and creative environment that finds its profile between real and virtual spaces, within an understanding of the natural and scientific paradigm of the world, and an optimal use of essential resources and other elements that create new values and realities in the architecture of the information age in collaboration and interaction.