Section of Architectural Design Basics

The essential part of architectural education can be characterized as an individual thematic field made as such by specific issues, procedures and form of education. The Section explores the formative part of architectural education. It determines its own field of educational action in the midst of conflicting relationship between architectural composition, perception in architecture and architectural teaching material. The Section consciously simplifies and treats the essential foundations of architectural education and examines specific tools and intelligence in architecture.

The initial architectural education finds itself variably rifted between two opposing intentions: to preserve unpredictable thoughts and interpretations of beginners and, simultaneously, to introduce them to specific tools and procedures of the discipline. The educational programme accepts the seemingly stable categories of architecture and changeable, dated highlights and emerging contemporary issues. The core is comprised of assignments whose problematic framework is universal but exposed to continual re-examination through alternating hierarchy of the existing aspects in order to achieve generationally diverse architectural solutions. Educational intent is to face students with a personal interpretation of a problem, decision making in creating and discovering meaningful terminology immanent in architecture, oscillations and testing of the personal position through an architectural project.

Following the logic of the assignment and their personal work, students acquire knowledge of the design process and of the development and articulation of an architectural structure within a limited number of basic architectural parameters (space, time, tectonics). Architectural design as an insightful process reveals architecturally characteristic topics, immanent problems, essential tools and limitations. It helps understand the determinants of architecture: lines, planes, space, structure, function, communication, position, light, measure, scale, material.